770 Korean BBQ

770 코리안 BBQ

770 Korean BBQ specializes in the traditional Korean barbecue experience, where diners have the opportunity to grill a variety of meats tableside. From marinated beef bulgogi and spicy pork belly to succulent short ribs and thinly sliced brisket, the restaurant offers a diverse selection of premium meats, each bursting with flavor. At 770 Korean BBQ, guests can enjoy an interactive dining experience as they grill their favorite meats to perfection on built-in tabletop grills. The restaurant provides high-quality grills and ventilation systems to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable cooking experience for diners.

The ambiance at 770 Korean BBQ is warm and inviting, with modern decor and a relaxed atmosphere. Whether dining with family, friends, or colleagues, patrons can expect attentive service and a welcoming environment that enhances their overall dining experience.


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