Rakkan Ramen – Johns Creek

락켄 라면

RAKKAN Ramen’s story begins in 2011 as a small, four-seater ramen bar in Tokyo. In 2017, our passion to spread authentic Japanese ramen to the world opened our first overseas location in Los Angeles, CA. RAKKAN is the focused ramen shop serves authentic Japanese ramen. Our broth amp up the flavor with a dashi bomb.

What is Dashi?

Dashi is a traditional Japanese soup stock that is full of Umami, which brings out the best in each ingredient.

We believe that Umami is crucial essense for Japanese Ramen.

Amp up the flavor with a dashi bomb, we slowly simmer the carefully chosen vegetables such as kombu to extract its rich flavors and lock in Umami. We don’t use meat nor seafood in our broth, making our stock 100% plant-based. However, customers still get the rich, thick flavor in the soup that bowls like Tonkotsu broth exerts.

Slurp it down!

The combination of our tasty Japanese broth and silky slim noodles will allow you to discover another level of pleasure in your palate.


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