Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack that has gained popularity in Korea and other parts of Asia. It consists of skewered fruits, typically strawberries, grapes, or hawthorn berries, coated in a crunchy layer of hardened sugar syrup. To make tanghulu, the fruits are first skewered on bamboo sticks or skewers. Then, they are dipped into a hot sugar syrup that is heated to a high temperature until it caramelizes and forms a hard, glossy coating around the fruit. The process may be repeated multiple times to achieve a thicker coating. Once the sugar coating has hardened, the tanghulu is ready to be served.

Tanghulu is a beloved street food or festival treat, particularly cherished during the winter months when seasonal fruits like strawberries abound. With its enticing blend of crunchy sugar shell and juicy fruit interior, Tanghulu is a delightful indulgence. Now, you can experience the joy of Tanghulu right here in Atlanta! Check out the cafes below that offer Korean-style Tanghulu for a taste of this delightful treat.